How Charlie Learned To Love Champers

Charlie was born in a wine cellar on a crate of champagne at his parents’ vineyard.  He has been singing ever since dear mother weened him on his first bottle of bubbles aged two and a half.

His love for music and dancing was nurtured by local grape-treaders. As a small boy he would join them in the treading shed where they would play 78s on a gramophone and dance around wildly in the big buckets, and that’s where he discovered all those crazy jazz rhythms. They took him to their hearts and he called it home.

His schooling was under the strict tutelage of the order of Dom Perignon monks in french France, Charlie laboured to study the business of putting the fizz into things. As he emerged into the bright sunlight with his first glass of bubbly, he burst into song and realised his new vocation.

Alas, one day he was struck between the eyes with great force by a popping champagne cork, and although the bruise has now cleared he just can’t bring himself to drink anything else. Poor thing.

And so, in his tireless pursuit of the fizzy stuff he has become the host of several of London’s wildest underground glittering cabaret nights: at
Cellardoor, The Players Theatre Bar, Sopranos Of Kensington and The Basement Theatre in Leicester Sq. amongst others. He has also been seen cruising the Caribbean.

But from theatres, festival stages and hotels or even in your home Charlie makes ‘em dance like those barmy grape-treaders back home.