These shows are normally booked for 20 to 30 minutes as after dinner cabaret. They can be performed with a trio, piano & bass or just piano. However, we say the more the merrier!

The charm of these pieces is the familiarity of the music, the glamour of this vintage style and that special pleasure of having live music at your party.

"Stars, girls, beauty and talent in lavish quantities.” That’s what he promised us and that is what we got.

So let Champagne Charlie take you on his one man romp through the work of the art deco period’s most innovative and sometimes provocative musical film director. The inventor of  ‘the backstage drama’, ‘the show within a show’ and birds eye choreography; Busby Berkeley.

Listen to some of Hollywood’s greatest music, “The Lullaby of Broadway”, “We’re in the Money” and “Dames” to name but a few. Charlie brings to life the feathers and sequins, the glitter and glamour of the golden age of film with stars such as Ruby Keeler, Al Jolson, Joan Blondell, Dick Powell and Carmen Miranda. “The Gold Diggers”, “42nd Street” and many more are quoted.

After these jolly japes you’ll want to don a fruit bowl and tap your away into the night.