We can provide dance music, background music or cabaret for your party, anniversary, wedding, tea dance or special occasion. The Bubbly Boys dance ‘orchestra’ comprises piano, bass, drums, saxophone and clarinet.

Dance Music
e often provide a set of background music from the Bubbly Boys over dinner and then Charlie leads two more sets for the dancing. This is entirely flexible though and can be tailored to your event.

The music we play is specially chosen to get your party hopping. Great jazz tunes from the age of the 78 rpm. Now that’s fast! We give you music from stars of the time: Fred Astaire – Top Hat, White Tie And Tails, Cheek to Cheek; Josephine Baker – You’re Driving Me Crazy; Dick Powell – Plenty of Money And You, Young And Healthy; Jessie Matthews - Gangway!

For the tango connoisseur we have the classic La Cumparsita, and then why not shake your booty to the salsa beat of Brazil, before cooling off with Cole Porter’s sultry rhumba, Night And Day, or an elegant waltz to Always.

We have a glorious Forty Second Street medley with tap dancing from Charlie!

No party would be complete without our Charleston dance-off-mega-mix. Fifteen minutes of wild, raucous, gay abandon including Keep Young & Beautiful, Yes Sir, That’s My Baby and Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue. Then as the finale, Irving Berlin’s sublimely decadent, Puttin’ On The Ritz. Whether your guests know the steps or are happy to just jig about in time they’ll love the charm of this music. We do, and it’s infectious!

Listen to our clips for a taster on the audio page.